Glacial Hydration Starter Kit


Dry, dehydrated skin? Quench that thirst with the lineup of Glacial Hydration heroes in a travel-size 4-step routine. Cleanser, mask, serum, and gel cream.

*Limited to one purchase per customer

What does it do?

Deeply Hydrates

Refreshes Skin

Supports Cell Barrier

Prevents Water Loss

Products in the Kit

The Refreshing Gel Cleanser 30ml

A gentle cleansing gel that removes pollution & makeup and doesn't strip the skin.

The Intensive Moisturizing Serum 10ml

A thirst quencher for the skin. Deeply hydrates and replenishes with key nutrients.

The Intensive Moisturizing Gel Cream 15ml

A lightweight cream that seals in moisture & hydrates all day long.

The Refreshing Hydro Mask 15ml

An instant boost of hydration that refreshes and replenishes your skin.

Vegan Leather Bag

Stores your favorites when traveling

Active Ingredients

100% Vegan and Non-Toxic

Glacial Water

Deeply hydrates and moisturizes


Protects the skin barrier

Melissa Mint

Refreshes and boosts radiance

Snow Algae

Hydrates and evens skin tone

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